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April '85 - Jan '86
TEBODIN B.V. DEN HAAG      -      Lead Designer Instrumentation

NAM project 12806
Design of instrumentation loops for renovation project "IJsselmonde" according to data sheets and P&ID's.
Design air piping details and process piping details according to NAM standards.

Raytheon experience logo-linkSept '84 - Feb '85
BADGER B.V. DEN HAAG      -      Designer Instrumentation

NAM project BN-3741
Design of instrumentation drawings for King Size Cluster "De Pauwen" as there are loops, lay-outs, panels and cabinets according to data sheets air piping hook-ups and piping drawings.

Stork logoSept '83 - Oct '83
PROTECH ENGINEERING B.V. SCHIEDAM      -      Lead Designer Instrumentation

Nam Project 2965-023
Design of instrument cabling lay-out according to new piping drawings, also related loop diagrams and fire fighting for production platform "Ameland Westgat".

Honeywell logo links to Honeywell experienceJan '83 - April '83
HONEYWELL B.V. AMSTERDAM      -      Lead Designer Instrumentation

NAM projects FP2403 and FP2418
Den Helder onshore and K-14 offshore.
Design of distribution cabinets for I.S. connection to TD-2000 system and also loop diagrams related to TDC-2000.

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