Aug '96 - Nov '96          Engineer instrumentation
For the de-bottlenecking of the CDPP plant at SHELL PERNIS there were a number of items which could be seen as individual project ranging from 40 to 200 engineering hours.
For most of the instrumentation items new equipment of special materials were required and most drawings, esspecially the layouts were out of date.
Finding the correct drawings and field survey were the first activities together with design. Calculations for flow and valves, writing new instrument requisitions and evaluation of the quotations was another activity. Preparing detailed construction description (Bouw opdracht) with clients construction supervisor was the final activity for each item.
In between, meetings with the project-team and client, were a weekly event.

Oct '91 - Dec '91             Engineer instrumentation
Engineering special loops and creating design masters on CAD for loop generation in behalf of a DSM-project.
Engineering process connection details and electrical connection details.

Feb '86 - Feb '86             Designer Instrumentation
Aramco project 84482;   Co-design standard master instrumentation loops for CAD for automatic loop generation from AutoCad.
Checking Foxboro vendor connection list for new control building in Ras Tanura.

Nov '83 - Jan '84             Designer Instrumentation
General Electric Project 83428;   Design instrumentation interface to new provox computer, also related loop diagrams, cable lay-out and distribution cabinets.

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