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Aug '98 - Oct '99
ESSO NORWAY - HONEYWELL NORWAY      -      Safety System Commissioning Engineer

For both the ESSO JOTUN projects on the North Sea, the WellHead Platform and the FPSO, LOGIC IMPLEMENT was involved to determine parts of the philosophy with client for F&G systems and for ESD system.
Updating and finallising the Configuration on both the PLC and DCS (GUS station) and Construction supervision for the panels and interconnections, were part of the activities.
However, the main activity was the Commissioning assitance with ABB on the Wellhead and with Kvaerner on the FPSO. The emanated Punchlist from these activities were handled (=solved) and assistance was rendered at Start-up of the Fire & Gas and the ESD Safety Systems at the ABB and Kvaerner commissioning teams.
All activities, with related systems, for the ESSO JOTUN (WHP & FPSO) project were as well at On-shore, in Tonsberg and Stavanger Norway mainland, as at Off-shore location.

Jun '98 - Jul 98
DUPONT ROZENBURG - HONEYWELL ROTTERDAM      -      Instrument Control Engineer

The request from DuPont was to have an on-line change-over from contyrol panels to the new Distributed Control System for their Nylon plant in the Botlek.
To accomplice this, a detailed scenario was required for the instrumentation contractor.

Oct '97 - May '98
AMOCO GEEL BELGIË - ACB Construction Team

To assure a smooth start-up of the new plant, test applications with descriptions for the various parts of the plant were required. These test applications were thoroughly performed, through a checklist and logging, with and by operations on the hot-standy system of the maintenance department .
Assistance was supplied to vendors during the commissioning fase, like KTI for the furnaces, and at the start-up to the operation crew of the new PTA train.
Dec '96 - Jun '97

AMOCO GEEL - HONEYWELL BRUSSEL (BELGIE)      -      Safeguarding System Engineer (At site)

Solid definition of a compagny safeguarding philosophy and control strategy in cooperation process and instrument department for new TA/PTA plant.
Creating the full database for both the safeguarding systems from the P&ID supplied by the engineering contractor. Descriptor definitions for this database were discussed with operations and the instrument maintenance department.
Review and comment of the logic description and/or diagrams which were supplied by various vendors.
Finally the complete configuration of the HSMS FSC systems, with FSCad, was done according philosophy and control documentation.

April '96 - July '97

After Cause&Effect analyses, problem detecting, client discussions, database and typicals definition, the software implementation and programming into PLC was performed with FSCad. System configuration and compilation for a SAFEGUARDING job.
Cause&Effect analyses, implementation and programming into PLC with FSCad. System configuration and compilation for a SAFEGUARDING job.

May '93 - Nov '95
COMPRIMO ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS B.V. AMSTERDAM      -      Engineer instrumentation - safeguarding - control

For the revamp of the SHELL PERNIS refinnary under the name PER+, Shell intensivide the use of control/safeguarding naratives. The first task was writing these Instrument Safeguarding Narratives for a the Demin Water Plant, two (2) existing Gas Turbine Generators with Waste Heat Boiler, Water Pump House 3, three (3) Instrument Air Compressors.
After the naratives review and approval by proces the engineering of the functional logic diagrams to meet requirements as described in the safeguarding narratives was performed with the use of job typicals as layed down in the Job Instruction Manual.
Implementation and complete configuration for software and hardware in the FSC system of Pepperl+Fuchs (SMS) with pre-tests in simulation mode witnessed by the main contractor. For the Man machine Interface, the visualisation databases and LCD requests for DCS configuration were prepared and crosschecks done to eliminate mistakes and typing errors.
After factory complilation the system FAT was performed with simulation testboxes (switches + lights) to check the functionality of the logic.
Later at site the SAT for completed safeguarding systems were performed and commissioning for some of these units.
For some of the replacements Instrument Requisitions and call-off orders in agreement with the Job Instruction Manual and umbrella contracts were prepared for purchase.

July '88 - Oct '91
HONEYWELL B.V. AMSTERDAM      -       Project Engineer Industrial Process Control

Several SHELL Moerdijk (MLO-MEOD-MUB) and Pernis (Epikote/LERP/ CEP/LTI/LERX-CDPP-CEOD/COF3) projects in which the pneumatic control system was replaced by the TDC-3000 system or the TDC system was upgraded. Experience in basic HIWAY (MC-CB-PIU-EOS) as well as UCN (PM-300) and the LCN (US-HG-NIM-HM-AM) systems of Honeywell up to release 320. All project activities were performed such as purchasing, drawing control, acceptance tests, attending meetings, construction control and commissioning.

Jan '83 - April '83
HONEYWELL B.V. AMSTERDAM      -      Lead Designer Instrumentation

NAM projects FP2403 and FP2418
Den Helder onshore and K-14 offshore.
Design of distribution cabinets for I.S. connection to TD-2000 system and also loop diagrams related to TDC-2000.

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