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Manufacturing Site: Geel
BP Amoco Chemicals Geel Belgium facility was established in 1967 and is located on a 115 hectare site, 45 km east of Antwerp. The plant's operations, producing over 1.5 million tonnes of product per annum, can be divided into two main streams. The commodity and specialty stream manufactures purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and purified isophthalic acid (PIA) for use in polyester fibers, films and packaging resins, as well as coatings and glass reinforced plastic resins.
The polymer stream manufactures polypropylene resins for use in fabrics and fibers, as well as moulded plastics.
As at other BP Amoco facilities, health, safety and environmental performance is an integral part of the Geel operations. The site has developed and implemented a "behavioural safety" policy for all people on the site, and continually strives to improve its safety performance. Key elements of the policy are near miss reporting, observation and dialogue. More than 150 people are actively involved in safety committees, teams, etc.
The Geel plant meets the world's strictest requirements for water and air emissions. Its modern, energy efficient manufacturing units and a cogeneration plant enable the site to be an exporter of electrical energy.
The Geel facility works actively with local communities to support social, cultural, educational and environmental programmes. Outreach to promote and foster understanding with the local citizens includes Open Door Days and guided tours for schools enabling the public to familiarise themselves with the day-to-day operations of the facility, as well as a quarterly newsletter called "Buren" (neighbours) issued to discuss relevant community issues. In addition, representatives of the local citizenry, local political parties, employees and plant management meet bi-annually to build and foster good relations.
These meetings called the Milieuforum have proved to be a good meeting place to promote mutual understanding.

Purified Terephthalic Acid - (PTA)
Polyester fibres based on PTA provide easy fabric care, both alone and in blends with natural and other synthetic fibres. Polyester films are used widely in audio and video recording tapes, data storage tapes, photographic films, labels and other sheet material requiring both dimensional stability and toughness.
PTA derivative, polyethylene terephthalate, (PET) has become the primary container resin for applications such as carbonated beverage bottles, while other polyterephthalates provide dimensional stability, good heat resistance and durability for engineering applications.
In addition to these end uses, PTA is an important raw material for lower molecular weight saturated polyesters for powder and water-soluble coatings. Terephthalic acid based polyesters and polyamides are also used in hot melt adhesives.

Sept - Oct 2001
BP CHEMICAL BELGIË - TECHNIP Belgium site office
Configuration of the re-designed product transport system with additional storrage facilities due to the de-bottlenecking project of PTA-3 plant.

Oct '97 - May '98
AMOCO GEEL BELGIË - ACB Construction Team
To assure a smooth start-up of the new plant, test applications with descriptions for the various parts of the plant were required. These test applications were thoroughly performed, through a checklist and logging, with and by operations on the hot-standy system of the maintenance department .
Assistance was supplied to vendors during the commissioning fase, like KTI for the furnaces, and at the start-up to the operation crew of the new PTA train.

Dec '96 - Jun '97
AMOCO GEEL - HONEYWELL BRUSSEL (BELGIE)      -      Safeguarding System Engineer (At site)
Solid definition of a compagny safeguarding philosophy and control strategy in cooperation process and instrument department for new TA/PTA plant.
Creating the full database for both the safeguarding systems from the P&ID supplied by the engineering contractor. Descriptor definitions for this database were discussed with operations and the instrument maintenance department.
Review and comment of the logic description and/or diagrams which were supplied by various vendors.
Finally the complete configuration of the HSMS FSC systems, with FSCad, was done according philosophy and control documentation.

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